Dianne Carlson - Designer

Whew - this website has been a long time coming! I love making jewelry, but I'm terrible at the details of selling it! Thanks to all my friends, relatives and clients for encouraging me to move forward with this. And thanks to so many who have blindly ordered through email or phone from the "bracelet lady" and wondered what else I might have to offer. And thanks to Brad for your monumental amounts of patience at all my questions.

I started making jewelry over 10 years ago with my husband's encouragement - always wondered if he regretted the day he encouraged me to sign up for a class?? And then it just starts - someone compliments you on a necklace and asks how much to get one for a gift. Then the gift receiver wants one for her friend and before I knew it, I was in business. The great thing about making jewelry is there is always something new to learn and skills to refine. And there are a zillion artists selling a zillion different types of jewelry. I make what I like to wear - if someone else likes it, all the better - but there is so much to choose from - I love to see all the amazing creativity in the jewelry world! I'm awed and inspired by my fellow artists.

My personal life includes a fabulous husband of 23 years, 2 awesome teenagers and two cats who like to make themselves comfortable on my work station. I don't quite understand how sleeping on saws, files, pokey metal pieces and tools can be comfortable - they must have some heavy duty cushioning to protect themselves! (Rest assured, if you have cat allergies, my pieces are thoroughly cleaned before shipping) I grew up in a small farming town, but now live in Seattle in the North Beach area - which is just north of Ballard if you're familiar with the area. Sometimes I feel like I live in a small town again, except there are no cows in the backyard and kids don't drive their tractors to school here. I enjoy being a spectator and fan at my kid's sporting events: daughter plays softball, son plays basketball. I have no personal skill in either sport but I love watching them and supporting them in their endeavors whether school, sports or music. My talents are more of the musical, creative side. I enjoy singing and have studied voice for many years. I sing in an all women's audition only choir, Mirinesse. I also have the pleasure of singing with two of my dearest friends in a group called The Godmothers. I play a bit of piano and I want to learn the ukelele - can't help but smile at ukelele music. My husband graciously bought me one for Christmas a few years ago and it sits on a shelf in my living room taunting me - I'll get there!!

Thanks for visiting my website!